We are committed to the LEAN method to continue towards operational excellence.

Método LEAN en Gervasio Belda

In Gervasio Belda S.L. we have been a couple of years immersed in the implementation of the LEAN method in each of our departments and production processes.

This initiative is a reaffirmation of our commitment to continuous improvement and efficiency, pillars that have sustained our company since its foundation. The implementation of the LEAN method is aimed at maximizing value for our customers, minimizing waste and optimizing our manufacturing processes. Its implementation has paid off by offering a series of benefits such as:

Improved operational efficiency:

We have optimized our workflows, reducing waiting times and improving the delivery of our products and services. We meet the established deadlines, detecting deviations and applying corrections through absolute control of the process.

2. Superior quality:

The LEAN methodology emphasizes quality as a fundamental pillar, which translates into products with the best possible finish. We have implemented an internal quality system that has allowed us to identify and correct internal incidents, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

3. Customer service:

It helps us to respond more quickly to our customers’ needs, strengthening our relationships and their loyalty. We have developed specific protocols to ensure that responses are effective and comprehensive, coordinated from different departments.

4. Culture of continuous improvement:

The adoption of LEAN reinforces the culture of innovation and constant improvement among our technicians, who are the driving force of our company. The adoption of this philosophy has permeated the mentality and reinforces a common project approach, working in the same direction and facilitating, when necessary, openness to new ideas to improve the final result. Technical office, workshop, management, after-sales service and laboratory work in a more coordinated manner and with a more fluid relationship.

In Gervasio Belda S.L., we know from our experience of more than 60 years that the key to success lies in constant evolution and adaptation. Our commitment to the LEAN method is further proof of our spirit of improvement and commitment to excellence, both operational and in customer service.

We want to continue on this path of transformation and share the fruits of this journey not only with our team, but also with our customers, to whom we direct our efforts.