Reduce costs and increase profitability with SATMILL Service from Gervasio Belda

Servicio Asistencia Técnica Integral Gervasio Belda

At Gervasio Belda, we understand the impact that unplanned downtime can have on the operation and profitability of your process plant. That is why we are very pleased and satisfied to offer our SATMILL service, Specialized Technical Assistance Service for Ball Mills.

Comprehensive 360º service :

Our commitment is to maintain the most efficient operation throughout the life of your facility. SATMILL is more than a service; it is a promise of continuity and efficiency. In addition to offering complete assistance in case of possible breakdowns, we can carry out an analysis and audit to improve the milling system or respond to new needs, advising on improvements to optimize the processes. We have a technical team and operators of absolute solvency to carry out the project and implement the best solutions.

2. Specialization in preventive and corrective maintenance:

Our technical team focuses on failure prevention and correction, ensuring that the plant operates at maximum capacity without unexpected interruptions.

3. Historical:

Our services allow you to consult the maintenance history of your equipment at any time.

4. Immediate response and ample stock of spare parts:

We have an extensive inventory of critical spare parts, from drive belts to large bearings, ready for immediate delivery. This allows us to ensure a fast and efficient response to any maintenance need, thus minimizing downtime.

Commitment to the success of our customers:

We understand that our success is measured by the success of our customers. For this reason, in addition to developing projects from scratch to delivery, we dedicate a great effort to after-sales service . Our goal is to ensure that your production never stops, because we know the challenges and damages that this can represent.

At Gervasio Belda, your peace of mind and operational success are our priority. Let us be part of your solution and discover how our SATMILL Service can transform the efficiency of your plant.