Gervasio Belda innovates in the design and manufacture of silos to adapt to the needs of the Pamesa Group.

Silos fabricados por Gervasio Belda

With these images we remember the work for Pamesa Group, who trusted Gervasio Belda for the design, manufacture and installation of a set of new silos to meet very specific needs that we transmitted from the Group, which led us to modify the usual way in which these structures are made.

Due to the limitations of the site, we had to opt for rectangular silos to ensure maximum optimization of space. On the other hand, in order to facilitate maintenance work, we had to dispense with the installation of tensioning rods and reinforcements in its interior. This aspect was particularly delicate, since we could not opt for large perimeter reinforcements either, due to the aforementioned lack of space.

The result was a success, meeting all requirements and achieving a significant leap in the company’s operational capacity. This required an exhaustive design and calculation study to ensure the safety of the structure and maximize storage capacity, perfectly adapted to the site proposed by the company. In this way we were innovators in the sector, with an imaginative solution that has served as a reference in the province for subsequent works.

In addition, it should be noted that the entire process was carried out in close collaboration with the company, ensuring that the installation did not interrupt the plant’s production processes at any time. This efficient coordination ensured a smooth and seamless transition, minimizing any impact on the company’s daily operations.